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(Marked as done - these were from last year)
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{{todo|Call Knut at Nokia|assignedTo=jonas|team=CommunicationTeam}}
{{todo|Call Knut at Nokia|assignedTo=jonas|team=CommunicationTeam|done=yes}}
{{todo|Get in touch with .SE about sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa}}
{{todo|Get in touch with .SE about sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa|done=yes}}
{{todo|Contact cat at Google regarding sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa}}
{{todo|Contact cat at Google regarding sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa|done=longago}}
{{todo|Contact linux foundation about sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa}}
{{todo|Contact linux foundation about sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa|done=yes}}
{{todo|Contact mozilla foundation about sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=jonas}}
{{todo|Contact mozilla foundation about sponsorship|team=CommunicationTeam|assignedTo=hesa|done=yes}}
{{todo|Get more taxi checks|assignedTo=jonas}}
{{todo|Get more taxi checks|assignedTo=jonas|done=yes}}
{{todo|Check and get parking tickets for staff that wish it|assignedTo=jonas}}
{{todo|Check and get parking tickets for staff that wish it|assignedTo=jonas|done=yes}}
{{todo|Make sure we have a key for the fuses!!!|assignedTo=jonas|done=yes}}
{{todo|Make sure we have a key for trash!|assignedTo=jonas|done=yes}}
{{todo|Check about Free Beer|done=done}}

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