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(Created a page with tracideas for future conferences. If this already exists, feel free to merge!)
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* Libraries as free open spaces
* Libraries as free open spaces
== Free biology ==
=== Free biology ===
* Gene patents
* Gene patents
* bio hacking
* bio hacking

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Just a list of track ideas for future conferences, since I couldn't find such a page. Skymandr (talk)


  • Open source library systems (the Canadians are big on this, but also Halland and Mölndal)
  • eBooks, drm etc.
  • That guy who wrote Boken and Biblioteket
  • Libraries as free open spaces

Free biology

  • Gene patents
  • bio hacking
  • How to sessions
  • dangers, possibilities
  • Orphan black/Bladeruner/Windup girl
  • Transhumanist themes


  • Worth loking into