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Just a list of track ideas for future conferences, since I couldn't find such a page. Skymandr (talk)


  • Open source library systems (the Canadians are big on this, but also Halland and Mölndal) / Magnus Enger can talk about Koha

Free biology

  • Gene patents
  • bio-hacking
  • How to sessions
  • possibilities, dangers
  • Orphan black/Bladerunner/Windup girl
  • Transhumanist themes
    • Gender and its expressions

  • Worth loking into. Founder Eva Pascoe has expressed interest in FSCONS.

Game changers

  • In the crossection of Tech/Culture/Society
  • Indie gaming changing the business?
  • FLOSS assets and opportunities for games
  • Getting your game into a distro
  • Serious gaming, games and social issues, gaming for change and education, games as metaphors (Richard Barbrook, Game of War, Imperialism in Space)
  • Game jams and open source -- a growing but uncurated (?) knowledgebase
  • Games and identity
  • Idea, code ... profit?
  • Let's play/youtubers interaction with content creators/gamedevs

p2p currencies and emerging ecosystems

I suggest that we have a p2p currency and ecosystem track one of the days at FSCONS this year. While Bitcoin is still the primary application and leading p2p currency, the track may also focus on the idea that Bitcoin is the equivalent of E-mail ca. 1990, meaning that we may expect a whole ecosystem developing around it, like the internet did around e-mail.

Volunteer as track manager: Thomas Gramstad

Wordpress/blogging platforms

  • Track-idea contributed by participant at the 2014 conference

Paal Joachim Romdahl,