Suggested Speakers 2011

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Invited speakers

Name Comment Status
[Manuel Castells] Sociologist associated particularly with research into the information society and communications. To be invited by Henrik
[Yochai Benkler] THE keynote speaker to have at FSCONS. To be invited by Stian

Proposed speakers

Name Comment
Joi Ito
[Vandana Shiva] She is one of the leaders of the International Forum on Globalization, and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement.
Charles Nesson One of the coolest law professors in history, currently leading a project to "reify university as a meta player in cyberspace":
Frederick Noronha Free Software chronicler from Goa, India
Danny O'Brien International Outreach Coordinator of EFF. Started Open Rights Group with Cory Doctorow
Alan Cox Kernel hacker .....
Andrew Morton Kernel hacker
Richard Stallman
Benjamin Mako Hill ".. a scholar, technologist, programmer and free software and free culture activist"
Ilkka Tuomi
John Perry Barlow
John Gilmore
Heidi Grande Røys Norwegian minister responsible for the Open Standards policy and the Friprog centre. Has just released a book under a CC licence.
Franz Nahrada Global Villages
Alex Rollin works on open source car and is doing a project with Smári on peer-to-peer gratitude based currencies
Marcin Jakubowski
Clay Shirky Author of Here Comes Everybody: On Organizing Without Organizations -
Lawrence Liang Author of Guide to Open Licences and involved in almost everything FSCONS stands for. Read more at
Charles Leadbeater Author of "We-think: The Power of Mass Creativity" (See his amazing talks on TED and/or youtube)
Chris Anderson of wired magazine is a good idea for a keynote speaker
Bruce Schneier Excellent high-profile speaker with a security focus