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Please add your suggestions for speakers here. If you have a particular comment or motivation, please enter it in the comment field. If you need help using the wiki syntax, please contact info at fscons . org or see here: Wiki cheat sheet

Kenote speakers

Invited speakers

Name Comment Status

Proposed keynote speakers

Name Comment
Name Please add new proposals for keynote speakers for 2012 here, or add to the next list to suggest someone as a speaker in one of the 2011 tracks.
Jono Bacon Works for Canonical as Community manager for the Ubuntu Linux distribution, also known from (now ended) LugRadio and the author of The Art of Community (CC BY-ND-SA and published by O'Reilly). Lives in the USofA.
Allison Randal Linguist, software developer and author, former chief architect of the Parrot virtual machine. A member of the board of directors for The Perl Foundation. Works for Canonical as the Technical Architect of Ubuntu

Conference and theme speakers

Name Comment Status
Otto von Busch von Busch is running the Selfpassage Project that aims at investigate how fashion can be used in self fulfilling ways, instead of being repressive as it is today. He is currently doing post doc at HDK in Gothenburg. Nothing done!
David Cuartielles Cuartielles is one of the initiative takers to the Arduino Project. Currently he is teaching at the Institution for Art, Culture, and Communication at Malmö University. See further

It would be interesting to get his story in a non technical, more art focussed, way. (was a speaker at FSCONS 2008)

Nothing done! (hesa?)
A student (any interesting) from HDK or Valand These are vauge thoughts, but a typically good idea could be to invite an art student for to tell what they are upp to. May be there could be a discussion on the subject "Participating culture and free licenses -- threat or opportunity?"

There is an master's program on Valand: Master Programme in Fine Arts specilization in Digital Media. Students are explicitly encouraged to use free tools

  • Study advisor: Mats Olsson
Nothing done!
Anselm R Garbe One of the key people behind with software projects such as dwm, dmenu, 9base, stali and wmii.

He probably have several interesting topics to talk about, e.g., suckless in general, 9base or stali. Considering that one of the tracks is "Desktop environments", perhaps dwm and wmii would be topical.

Nothing done!
Douglas Rushkoff, or someone else familiar with FabFi Afghans Build Open-Source Internet From Trash (, Nothing done!
Your suggestions here!

Previously proposed keynote speakers

This is the list of proposed keynote speakers for FSCONS 2011. Following a public poll, the final decision for this will be taken by the organisation team (consisting of the track and group coordinators).

Name Comment
Victor Grishchenko, PhD [His] research revolves around two key topics: infocentric networks and deep hypertext.
Hanna Sköld Hanna is the director and, in collaboration with Good World AB, the producer of the feature film “Nasty Old People” (CC-licensed). In 2009 Hanna collaborated with researchers and students connected to MEDEA, Malmö University on the distribution and marketing strategy of “Nasty Old People”. The film was distributed through The Pirate Bay and marketed through social media, which lead to 50 000 downloads, and live screenings all over the world. Currently she is working on the manuscript for the feature film “Granny’s Dancing on the Table” and animations to the short film “tantlängtan.” aka “Yearning for the old lady.”
Justin Pollard - Pubisher allowing crowd funding and pledges similar to Kickstarter Unbound is a new way of connecting with writers. Most of the writers on our site will be well known, others will appear here for the first time. What's different is that instead of waiting for them to publish their work, Unbound allows you to listen to their ideas for what they'd like to write before they even start. If you like their idea, you can pledge to support it. If we hit the target number of supporters, the author can go ahead and start writing (if the target isn't met you can either get your pledge refunded in full or switch your pledge to another Unbound project).
Michiel de Jong Unhosted is an open web standard for decentralizing user data. On the unhosted web, data is stored per-user, wherever the user decides.
Christina Haralanova Currently a team member at LabCMO, Previously Managing Director at Internet Rights Bulgaria Foundation; Coordinator and trainer in FOSS at WITT. Also Women, Geeks, Culture
Jeremie Miller Currently building the Locker Project, TeleHash, and Singly with a focus on personal data + distributed protocols. Helped found Jabber/XMPP, open platforms FTW!
Gabriella Coleman Gabriella Coleman: Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication
Jacob Appelbaum Ethics enthusiast
The Serval Project Communicate anywhere, any time, without infrastructure or carriers.Communication should be freely available to everyone, because communication is a human right.
douglas rushkoff media theorist, author; new book: PROGRAM OR BE PROGRAMMED: 10 Commands for a Digital Age
Sue Gardner Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director
Simon Phipps Eclectic geek, campaigning for software freedom and political transparency. Photos & music to protect sanity in the process.
Isobel Hadley-Kamptz Writer, freelance columnist, netizen icon
Ian Clarke Entrepreneur and Computer Scientist, grew up in Ireland, currently living in Austin, Texas.
Farmor Gun Senior blogger and grandmother (blog in Swedish)
Zooko Technology wizard
Heidi Grande Røys Norwegian minister responsible for the Open Standards policy and the Friprog centre. Has just released a book under a CC licence.
Oscar Swartz IT guru, writer, former entrepreneur (Founded Swedish Free Speech ISP Bahnhof - now hosting Wikileaks).
Trudy Barber Senior Lecturer - Media - Creative Arts, Film and Media
Peter Sunde Flattr founder etc
Niva Elkin Koren Global Visiting Professor of Law at NYU School of Law and the Dean of the University of Haifa Faculty of Law. She is the Founding Director of the Haifa Center for Law & Technology (HCLT). Her research focuses on the legal institutions that facilitate private and public control over the production and dissemination of information. She has written and spoken extensively about the privatization of information policy, copyright law and democratic theory, the effects of cyberspace on the economic analysis of law, liability of information intermediaries, the regulation of search engines, and the legal strategies for enhancing the public domain.
Marcin Jakubowski Founder of Open Source Ecology. Hacks the Global Village Construction Set. Builds open source tractors and other farm equipment.
Vandana Shiva She is one of the leaders of the International Forum on Globalization, and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement.
Richard Stallman President of FSF. GNU Project.
Joi Ito Japanese activist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and, beginning September 1, 2011 or sooner, executive director of the MIT Media Lab.
Cory Doctorow Blogger, Author, Free Culture proponent etc
Manuel Castells Sociologist associated particularly with research into the information society and communications.
Yochai Benkler THE keynote speaker to have at FSCONS.
Pelle Snickars Head of Research at the Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images. (now a part of National Library of Sweden), Articles (swedish) in SvD "under strecket" are linked from SLBA. Here is an interesting interview (swedish).
Charles Nesson One of the coolest law professors in history, currently leading a project to "reify university as a meta player in cyberspace":
Frederick Noronha Free Software chronicler from Goa, India
Danny O'Brien International Outreach Coordinator of EFF. Started Open Rights Group with Cory Doctorow
Alan Cox Kernel hacker .....
Andrew Morton Kernel hacker
Pippa Buchanan P2P University and more
Benjamin Mako Hill ".. a scholar, technologist, programmer and free software and free culture activist"
Ilkka Tuomi
John Perry Barlow American poet and essayist, a retired Wyoming cattle rancher, and a cyberlibertarian[1] political activist who has been associated with both the Democratic and Republican parties. He is also a former lyricist for the Grateful Dead and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Since May 1998, he has been a Fellow at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.
John Gilmore Entrepreneur and Civil Libertarian
Franz Nahrada Global Villages
Alex Rollin works on open source car and is doing a project with Smári on peer-to-peer gratitude based currencies
Marcin Jakubowski
Clay Shirky Author of Here Comes Everybody: On Organizing Without Organizations -
Lawrence Liang Author of Guide to Open Licences and involved in almost everything FSCONS stands for. Read more at
Charles Leadbeater Author of "We-think: The Power of Mass Creativity" (See his amazing talks on TED and/or youtube)
Chris Anderson of wired magazine is a good idea for a keynote speaker. He wrote a book on Free.
Bruce Schneier Excellent high-profile speaker with a security focus
James Boyle William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law and co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School. He joined the faculty in July 2000. He has also taught at American University, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is the author of The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind, Shamans, Software and Spleens: Law and Construction of the Information Society and The Shakespeare Chronicles, a novel about the search for the true author of Shakespeare's works.