Promotion Committee

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Promotion Committee
Resp:Tam & Oliver
Todo list:...


  • Create promotional material (poster, flyers, stickers, a giant balloon?)
  • Organize dissemination of the material (stapling posters, distributing flyers in other conferences, hijack the national television to display an FSCONS commercial?)
  • Communicate on social networks
  • Ads in magazines
  • Blog regularly about new speakers, sessions, etc
  • Create a short bumper that can be played on podcasts (,,,, etc)


An important part of promoting the conference is to send mails to previous speakers and visitors to notify them about the status of the current event. This is done through the mailing list. To keep a reasonable balance between sending enough information and not being an annoying spammers we have only been sending the following mails:

  • CFP announce sending the CFP when the application period opens
  • Ticket selling sent when we start selling tickets. if possible, should contain an overview of the program.
  • Last minute sent about 2 weeks before the conference with a reminder and some highlights from the program. This is mainly useful for locals.