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Keep adding calendars here!
Superior thinking demonsrttaed above. Thanks!
A list of on-line calendars to post FSCONS in, when we have set a date. Mark clearly if you have added the event or contacted any of them.
Many of the calendars below are local to Sweden, or even Gotenburg.
* http://www.ecoprofile.se/how_to_add_event.php (requires login)
* Göteborgs kulturkalender/Kulturguiden.tv http://www.kulturguiden.tv (requires login)
* Fosskalendern: http://fosskalendern.se/
* Goteborg.com evenemangskalendern: evenemangskalendern AT goteborg.com
* Open source events: http://open-source-events.com/node/add/event (Requires login)
* Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/osview/canvas?_ch_page_id=1&_ch_panel_id=1&_ch_app_id=7083120&_applicationId=2000&_ownerId=0&appParams={%22go_to%22:%22events/new%22}
(requires login)
* InfoToday: http://www.infotoday.com/calendar.asp
* ACM Association for Computing Machinery: http://www.acm.org/conferences
* Bambuser: http://bambuser.com/node/add/event (requires account and login)
* Hackerspaces.org
** http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Events
** http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Special:AddPage/Event
* http://www.evenemangslista.se/l%C3%A4gg+till+evenemang/?d_prefix=5-2011-5
* http://www.evenemang.se/evenemang/nytt/ (30 kronor, pay per sms)
* http://narovar.se/AddWizard/
* http://www.tipsjakt.se/tipsa-om-evenemang
* http://www.arbetaren.se/kalendarie/tipsa/
* Västnytt: vastnytt at svt.se http://svt.se/2.126739
* Stadsbiblioteket email bibbi.wopenka at kultur.goteborg.se and ask nicely for inclusion in newsletter (City library of Gothenburg)
* TTs kalender http://tt.se/scripts/ttkaltips/
* Motkraft http://www.motkraft.net/kalendarium/ny
* Resumé http://resume.se/events/resumes-event-1/ mail karin.andren at resume.se
* ETC http://etc.se/popups/kalendarie.php
* GP Mail guiden at gp.se or on-line: http://www.gp.se/kulturnoje/evenemang/1.165774
* Fria Tidningen mail  kal at fria.se
* Nöjesguiden (requires login) http://nojesguiden.se/event/addevent
* Folket i Bild - "På gång" - mail: webmaster at fib.se
* http://wiki.creativecommons.org/FSCONS_2011
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Superior thinking demonsrttaed above. Thanks!