Meeting 2011-04-04

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FSCONS Planning meeting at IRC April 4, 2011 at 13:30 -- 14:30.


IRC #fscons @


  • Summary of the week passed, what progress has been made etc.
  • Suggestion and subsequent planning of physical meetings to augment the IRC meetings


Org Meeting

Overall week:

  • The shaping team will now start up its work Tuesday April 5th.
  • Mailinglist is in place.
  • ljo1 will take the lead, syncing with hesa
  • gd13 has taken the web team leadership. Speak with him if you want to join the web team.

Physical Meetings:

All participants in the IRC meetings seems to be located in or around Gothenburg, so the suggestion is to replace the IRC meetings physical dittos.

These meetings, then, would be augmented with conference call type phoning, via Ekiga or something similar.

Beginning in the next meeting date (April 18th) the meeting will be physically located at Gnutiken, and the time changed to 16:00 - 17:00

Anyone better at transcribing meeting notes than wildcard, are welcome to take on that responsibility.

Invitations should be updated to reflect changed time, place and include possible Ekiga number (or other technology determined by research before the next meeting)


Jonas has been working on the overall FSCONS budget, but it needs more eyes and ideas thrown at it. Especially since it will also influence the cost we need to charge for participants.


Mini-FSCONS-thingy julipan and Johan Söderberg are planning a day or afternoon of talks at Gnutiken. There are no objections to this, but razor_ wants specifications.

Hack-night-thingy hesa ( is beta-testing a hack night thing at the IT University on Wednesday.

razor_ ( is organizing TED talk screenings

All these things should be synced as to not collide with each other. More discussions about this (developing the concepts and syncing) during the next meeting.

gd13 has come up with an idea for FSCONS planning and brainstorming sessions. It could be done in the form of field trips or group travel to an event or interesting place. Field trips can be affordable and group travels could be coordinated for events many of us would visit anyway. Drafting a budget proposal for these sorts of field trips has been suggested as an agenda point for the next meeting. There is however no allotted money in the budget for something like this. Suggested destinations: