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Org Meeting

FSCONS Planning meeting at IRC 2011-03-21 13:30 -- 14:30.


IRC #fscons @


  • jonasobs
  • wildcard
  • razor_
  • Caly
  • gd13
  • ljo
  • hesa


  • Welcome everybody
  • Planning procedures - how will we plan, execute and communicate?
  • Teams - What teams have we, what teams need more hands?
  • Tasks - What are the tasks waiting for execution and what team will perform them?
  • Trac - What is Trac, how do we plan to use it?


ToDo / Issues:


Q: Same place as last year? A: Yes, in all likelihood. We might need to shift things around a bit since they will rebuild/renovate the building.

Planning procedures / Communication strategy:

The current thinking is documented at

We keep a tasklist and overview using Trac. This page should list the issues to help out with if you don't want to manage a team or be a member of any specific team.

If you need an account, just send an email to info _AT_

There is a ton of tasks to do, and a new hopefully more accessible structure to make it easier for volunteers to engage.

We wish to stress that unless we have more people wanting to do things, there won't be an FSCONS2011. More people are needed.

Consider asking friends to help out too.


General plan is to have different teams, these are all listed on

FSCONS Needs you - get active on a team or take on a task from the trac site

Infrastructure:Web Team is in severe need of people: We need writers, editors, graphics skills, and Drupal skills. Or people interested in developing such skills. Especially Drupal.

Shaping Team: ljo is now the shaping lead on the wiki just to make something happen. There are some members already waiting to get active in Shaping. Just waiting for the mailing list.

Communication:Marketing Team: Suggestion: goodbuzz for promotion? " is an experiment built on the idea that event promotion is not about money, but grassroots marketing"


At the bottom of the planning page there are Milestones The current milestone contain tasks which are beginning to become urgent.

Mentor Concept:

Under development by the shaping team.

The general idea behind it is to allow for previous visitors to sign up for being mentors to newcomers, in order to be more open and welcoming to new groups (or groups we have failed in attracting).


Extend website with functionality to make it easy for visitors to compose their own schedule. Additionally explore if this concept can be developed further.

For instance we could tag talks or slots with keywords, which would allow for people to build a personal schedule based on background or or interests.

Which team "owns" this task? Probably have hook-ins to Infrastructure:Web Team?

Would be good if visitors could add structured labels themselves.


We should have a web site up and running by March 28.

Currently it is up, but needs more content and activity

Discussions about having an overall graphical profile for FSCONS which would be used in anything graphical (including web)

Need a plan for how to create such a profile.

Suggestion to hold a contest.

Jonas has spoken to Pippa Buchanan of the Peer 2 Peer University.

Suggestion to maybe treat the web site as a P2PU course.

I.e. run a course where the outcome is to have a really great web site for a conference.

This would require someone from FSCONS to coordinate, but maybe it could be a way to attract the various people that's needed if it's seen more as a learning opportunity than "you need to be an expert to help out".

P2PU course is a good idea in general, but perhaps not available for us within required timeframe. On the other hand, nothing prevents us from approaching this from two directions: one P2PU course, and one self-managed way as a fallback.

Whichever produces some result will be the one we take.

ljo is available to sit down and discuss web from Wednesday (Mar 30).

None of the companies hesa emailed about help with web has currently replied.