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We're welcoming both new and old partners to get in touch with us if you're interested in becoming a partner this year as well. Please email us at info@fscons.org.

What is partnership

You can become an FSCONS partner in many ways. Either you can help us organise a range of presentations as a Theme organiser, or some separate presentations (Separate track organisers) or as a sponsor.

Current partners

Theme organisers

Separate track organisers

  • KDE
  • Serengeti

Media partners

Press contact info


  • Google
  • IT-Universitetet
  • Älvstranden Utveckling

How do you become a sponsor?

Read the FSCONS 2011 Sponsorship Invitation


Note that identi.ca at the present has not enabled the forwarding to twitter but will soon. So we have to manually x-post on twitter til they have fixed that. See their service status for updates (they have fixed it now)

Speakers announced via Identi.ca and blog

When announced Speaker Title Track
12/9 kyrah The revolution will not be televised! (But will it be on YouTube?) Human Rights and Digital Freedom
14/9 Jonas Bonn, Julius Baxter & Olof Kindgren The OpenRISC Project Development for Embedded Systems
16/9 Per Andersson Basic Data Security Workshop
20/9 Daniel Melin Free Software in the Swedish public sector Free Software in Politics
21/9 Christina Haralanova Keynote: Hackers for Social Justice Keynote
23/9 Jeremiah C. Foster ( @jeremiah ) Embedded Free Software/Open Source in your car Development for Embedded Systems
26/9 Håkan Lidbo & Magnus Frenning Talk: Invisi-ball - A ball game for visually impaired Universal Design — Aiming for Accessibility
27/9 Blogpost: Stallman and Haralanova to FSCONS Keynote Keynote
27/9 Haralanova and Stallman keynotes on FSCONS (linking to blog) Keynote Keynote
29/9 Nikolay Georgiev Open Source Ecology - the hardware foundation for modern civilization The Future of Money
30/9 Frederik Gladhorn Accessibility for Qt and KDE Free Desktop Environments
4/10 Matthias Kirschner Non-free software advertisement presented by your government Free Software in Politics
5/10 Johan Söderberg Reproducing machines, reproducing economic relations Building Together — Manufacturing Solidarity
6/10 Mathias Klang Off the grid: Is anonymity possible? Human Rights and Digital Freedom
7/10 Some speakers announced on the blog Blogpost - Speakers pt.1 Various
10/10 Robert Scheck Fedora - Community-based Development Development in Free Software Communities
10/10 Some speakers announced on the blog Blogpost - Speakers pt.2 Various
13/10 Daniel Berntsson Bitcoin: decentralised currency The Future of Money

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