FSCONS 2014 Planning

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Instructions for volunteers

Please read the appropriate pages from the Volunteer information if you are a participate as a volunteer.

Room Hosts, please read Tips for room hosts.

Work groups, aspects and committees

The work group will assemble for their first meeting on Monday 17 March. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings will take place on Mondays, every two weeks, at 18:00.

If you want to join the planning team, please come to a meeting or send an e-mail to stian at the domain fripost.org.

The main structure of the planning organisation can be found on the aspects page.

A list of suggested speakers (and topics) is being compiled, please add your suggestions here: Suggested Speakers 2014 and Keynote_Suggestions_2014.

General ideas for FSCONS 2014 can be added to FSCONS 2014 ideas


Evaluation meeting result

In December 2013 there was a evaluation meeting. The digested version of the evaluation is available on Evaluation 2013.