FSCONS 2013/Meeting 2013-09-16

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Date:2013-09-16 18:00



  • The ticket sale is ready for deployment.

We also had a discussion on ticket mechanics

  • Ticket prices are:

Business: 1800 SEK Private: 600 SEK Early bird: 350 SEK (100 tickets) Underage people accompanied by an adult pays 50 SEK

  • We have migrated to a new Wiki due to spambots. You will have to

register a new account.

  • The schedule more or less ready for publication. You can see the

current schedule here: https://frab.fscons.org/en/fscons13/public/schedule/

  • The student union can not assist us with alcohol sales. We therefore

decided to send Tab and Oliver to take the required course.

  • We have gotten media sponsorship deals with Dataf?reningen (ad in

Computer Sweden), Linux Journal and Linux Magazine.

  • An SSL certificate for ticket sales has been purchased.
  • Mozilla might have a booth at the conference
  • Next meeting will be Monday 30/9
  • From now on we will have work meetings every week.