FSCONS 2012 Ideas

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Ideas I have collected from the last minute interview:

  • We need to improve timing constraints to ensure the schedules are know well in advance so planning rooms and hardware team schedules is easier.
  • Inventariate hardware so it is possible to know what is needed well in advance
  • Conference and hardware team managers need better organization to ensure propper sleeping times
  • People taking two turns or more should have right to lunch and dinner
  • We need to do something to improve the problem with children crying on the lectures
Try to improve the babyroom to be a daycare? -- klondike
  • Try to make our own competitions:
Best free photo/video
Short histories
  • Try to improve the software on the bar cashier so it is possible to keep an inventory
Take into account how many of each drink type we have by assigning an item for each
Add a "staff lunch" discount so staff food passes by the cashier
  • Reduce equipment size on the social area
  • Set up a small PA on the cafe
  • Synchronize both PAs
  • Try to get propper stream+recording equipment.
  • Combine hardware cameramen with room hosts? -- Maybe not a good idea some are shy
  • DC server so people can try to share ideas over the chat and photos or videos over the P2P system
  • Have a volunteer (or two) actively asking for comments to participants the last day

We also got heads up on the staff room and the baby room and should consider keeping them.

Klondike notes:

  • Next year we could leave the security track to the interested guys at OWASP? I'd like to handle also a Gentoo miniconference
  • We may want a second storage room key.
  • Peak viewers of streams 7 <--- need better publicity and a dedicated party.
  • The change from open microphone to round table worked really welll.