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The funding from the Nordic Culture Fund amounts to a total of 100 000 DKK (ca 120 000 SEK). The funding should be used to:

  1. Encourage participation of FSCONS participants from Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark (ca 60% of the funding)
  2. Organise an FSCONS event in one of the countries Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark (ca 40% of the funding)

The basic idea is that this should allow us to get experience from organising FSCONS events together with local organisers in other Nordic countries, thereby increasing the relevance of FSCONS in the Nordic countries, and emphasising the Nordic dimensions of the conference.

In order to encourage participation of FSCONS participants from other Nordic countries, we'll open up the possibility to subsidise the participation fee and hostel accommodation. Participants will be requested to pay for their travel on their own. 20-25 participants from the Nordic countries should be covered by this, in addition to 4-5 speakers.


  • FSCONS in Norway/Iceland/Finland/Denmark: 39000 SEK
    1. Audit cost: 5000
    2. Administration: 4800 (10% of sponsorship)
    1. Audit cost: 5000
    2. Administration: 7200 (10% of sponsorship)
    3. Entrance fee for 20 participants: 6000
    4. Speaker costs: 20000
    5. Participant cost: 20000
    6. Marketing: 800
    7. Room rent: 13000

The main funds will thus go to speakers and participants from the Nordic countries (excluding Sweden).

FSCONS Scholarships

The FSCONS scholarship will cover the entrance fee and accommodation (hostel organised by FSCONS) for up to 25 participants from Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. It will be possible to apply for the scholarship until the 1st of August and notice will be given no later than the 9th of August to those selected for the scholarship. Eligible is anyone currently residing in Norway, Iceland, Finland or Denmark (including autonomous regions). Applicants should explain in their application why they would like to come to FSCONS, and what they feel that they can contribute with during the conference.

Applications will be reviewed and decided on by a board consisting of one representative from each participating country.