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This organisation plan refers to FSCONS 2009.

Decision making

Decisions for FSCONS is made by the conference manager or by the person designated for a particular area. In all cases, those involved in the organisation committee (conference manager, area managers) must be kept informed, and also consulted for important decisions which affect a larger area. Volunteers should be encouraged to participate in the forming of the conference and also be kept involved in the process.

Communication structure

Communication channel Purpose Responsible
announce@ Major announcements of FSCONS: CfP, invitations, programme announcements, reminders CM

Programme Committee

The programme committee will be responsible, under the direction of the conference manager, to decide on the programme for the tracks of the conference. The programme committe will be involved in particular with creating the Call for Papers (CfP) and ultimately (after evaluation by the programme evaluators) deciding which talks and workshops to accept into the programme, so that the speakers can afterwards be invited by the conference manager (or someone who will be assigned the specific role of arranging invitations and logistics with the speakers).

Programme Committee Members
Stian Rødven Eide

Programme evaluators

The Programme evaluators will assist the programme committee in reviewing the propsals for talks and workshops which arrives.

Role Name Main interest
Evaluator Coordinator Vacant
Evaluator Jeremiah Foster Technical free software proposals