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This organisation plan refers to FSCONS 2009.

Co-Organisers of FSCONS 2009

Co-Organiser Web page Contact person Track Program Committee Booth
Föreningen fri kultur och programvara http://ffkp.se/ Jonas Öberg None Stian, TBD None
Free Software Foundation Europe Fellowship http://fsfe.org/ Matthias Kirschner Carmen:Sat AM TBD C:1
Serengeti Serengeti Web Leif-Jöran Olsson Carmen:Sat PM Leif-Jöran Olsson, TBD TBD
Wikimedia Sverige http://wikimedia.se/ Lennart Guldbrandsson TBD Lennart Guldbrandsson, TBD C:2
Creative Commons Sverige http://creativecommons.se/ Mathias Klang None Mathias Klang, Karl Jonsson None
FriBit http://fribit.no/ Øystein Sættem None Øystein Jakobsen, Øystein Sættem TBD

Decision making

Decisions for FSCONS is made by the conference manager or by the person designated for a particular area. In all cases, those involved in the organisation committee (conference manager, area managers) must be kept informed, and also consulted for important decisions which affect a larger area. Volunteers should be encouraged to participate in the forming of the conference and also be kept involved in the process.


The executive staff meets every monday and tuesday at 13.00 CET at IT-Universitetet, Göteborg. Everyone should bring a laptop and communicate with Jonas & Henrik beforehand! The executive staff is responsible for the on-site preparations and implementation of the conference. The staff is participating in the Board meetings.


Staff Members Role
Jonas Öberg Conference Manager
Henrik Sandklef
Patrik Willard A/V
Rikard Fröberg Web


The Board of FSCONS consists of representatives of each participating Co-Organiser. It is directed by the Conference Chair, and is responsible for deciding on major policy, strategic and other important issues which concerns the conference. It is also the main information channel for the participating organisations, and the way to both be kept informed and influence the direction of the conference.

Decisions are taken with IRC on FreeNode in the #fscons channel. Meetings are held every tuesday at 15.00 CET. Meeting minutes are sent after the meeting to the board mailing list, and meeting agenda is sent to the board mailing list before the meeting. The staff members are participating in the meeting to be kept informed and inform about the progress.

Programme Committee

The programme committee will be responsible, under the direction of the conference manager, to decide on the programme for the tracks of the conference. The programme committe will be involved in particular with creating the Call for Papers (CfP) and ultimately (after evaluation by the programme evaluators) deciding which talks and workshops to accept into the programme, so that the speakers can afterwards be invited by the conference manager (or someone who will be assigned the specific role of arranging invitations and logistics with the speakers).


The Conference Director will create, based on the reviewes by evaluators, a draft list and programme of accepted talks and workshops and send this to the members of the programme committee on the 21/22nd of june. The Programme Committee will have a week to reply to this and discuss the programme through e-mail. By the 3rd of july, a Jabber meeting will take place to discuss common issues, after which the Conference Director will fix the programme as decided by the PC.


Programme Committee Members Representation
Stian Rødven Eide FFKP
Mathias Klang CC SE
Karl Jonsson CC SE
Øystein Jakobsen FriBit
Øystein Sættem FriBit

Financial details

Föreningen fri kultur och programvara (FFKP) is responsible towards the co-organisers for properly managing the finances of FSCONS. This includes accepting donations, sponsorships and participation fees and using this for expenses incurred by the conference. Expenses alien for the purpose of the conference may not be accounted by FFKP from the income received for the conference, nor may unproportionally high payments be made to officials, volunteers, or employees of FFKP or any of the Co-Organisers for work in the conference.

Any proceeds from the organisation of the conference will primarily be rolled forward to future conferences (which may or may not be organised by the same Co-Organisers).