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Minutes from the board's evaluation digest session March 11, 2013.

Attendants: Grégoire Détrez, Gustav Eek, Leif-Jöran Olsson and Stian Rødven Eide

Place: Språkbanken, Göteborg

The purpose of this board meeting meeting was to sort the opinions from the evaluation meeting in December. The opinions are divided in groups with regard to the different aspects of the conference. The December meeting was of the form of a post-it session. Opinions were written on notes that were sorted, and a discussion was held about the opinions. The format of the minutes is the following:

Opinion, as written on the post-it note
Discussion comments from the evaluation meetings together with the board's comments.


Organize recycling better and communicate it to the participants in an obvious way.
Noisy kids on the talks
Decide how to solve the problem. Make sure that people understand what a "children friendly conference" in terms of if one is allowed to bring kids to talks.
Baby room should be renamed into kids room or family room or so
Communicate what a "family room" is.
More pictures from the conference
The board need to process what the opinion implies, and later forward the issue to the promotion committee.
Elect people who will be at the position of the official photographer.
volunteer alcohol policy
Don't drink and work (at the same time) or ... at all ... discussion needed
Apply for stipendia and travel sponsorships sooner

Many opinions on the board's list could be put on the policy committee for decision preparation.


More filling vegan food
Contacting vegan as consultants to get better understanding of the vegan food
Food for volunteers
Equip staff room with food to separate volunteer food from the conference food.
 – In conflict with the principle that "all participants are participants".
Volunteers should pre-order food on the walk-around day or even before the order of the day,
Monetize coupons
Equal the coupons to the amount of money which covers basic need of volunteers and if they want more food then they should pay extra.
Software for cashier
Look into updating the version of the current software. Barcode scanner to use?
More belgian beer: 20 brands. Hire consultant – Stian?
Meal de jour,
An idea could be to introduce different food on different day (sushi, lazagnia).
More club mate


Baby room closer to cafe
It should be more suitable for babies (games, equipment ... )
 – To much work. Parents should bring their own toys.
Use real room names, instead of using "Room 1", etc.
Communicate it more
 – Post printouts on the walls.
Staff room is a good idea
Very positively accepted. Think more how to improve it.


Have a full archive of the old conferences
Make it very visible!
Improve the post-conference website work
Invest more time into fixing the website after the conference: posting pictures, videos, etc.


Secure a volunteer room
Volunteers should be able to leave their stuff somewhere and feel safe. This problem should be solved by the staffing people.
 – Guarding clothing and equipment is done in the reception (cloakroom).
Volunteer coordinator role
Who only coordinates volunteers. Should help deal with stuffing volunteers and know who when where and why about volunteers.
Registration shift is boring and lacks activities
People leave their cloths in rush hours all the other time there is no activity. Note this and solve.
Provide information to volunteers some kind of manual about how everything should work.


Have different areas
For "loud" activity and "lounge" area, and separate them better.


Electronic survey
Survey on the website
Collect feedback
If participants say that they don't like X ... ask them WHY.


Speakers are too big
Bring reasonable sized speakers

Promotion and sponsorship

Better communication with the participants
Invest time to create newsletters and send them to participants.
Use video to promote conference
All year promotion of the conference
Posting videos on different sites
It is assumed that "videos" here refer to promotion videos.
Promote with common medias
Get organisational ideas from other conferences or events
Apply for more funds
The conference of year 2012 had a positive result. It is not given in what way more sponsorship money would make the conference better.
Looking for sponsors in other nordic countries if FSCONS based there


Program manager should be a bit of a dictator
Have a better description of the events during the conf in the booklet


Org group big enough
Sell more tickets
The hardware team should be bigger and have more people.

Long term ideas

The following suggestions suites better on an idea list. The list can be used as inspiration for those that believe they have some time to spare.

More technology within the conference
Could be used to advertise the conference. Have a map of the area, etc.
File transfer solution and communication platform
To chat and share files among participants.