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Café manager and hosts

  • Location: Café, to the right of the main entrance, FSCONS building
  • Hours: Friday 16-23.30, Saturday 09-23.30, Sunday 09-23.30

As a café manager and host your responsibilities depend largely on when during the conference you work. A café host (there will be at least four at each time in the café) is responsible for:

  • Managing the cash register and sell drinks, snacks and food to participants
  • Deal with card and cash payments, and accept dinner coupons
  • Cleaning the café area (including the sitting area)
  • Placing juice, sandwiches etc, on a table before breakfasts and removing it afterwards
  • Keeping the café sales desk and fridge tidy and stocked
  • Brewing coffee and boiling water for tea

A café manager (one at each time in the café) is responsible for:

  • Everything that a café host does
  • Delegating responsibilities and assigning tasks to the café hosts according to the needs
  • Keeping the café area stocked, including ordering more (in coordination with the conference manager) if stocks run out


Coffee, tea, and water

Coffee should be available all through the day. Keep an eye on the thermoses that are in the coffee/tea area and make sure that they are full all the time. This is particularly true in the breaks between sessions when a lot of participants will show up.

Refill the thermos with hot water for tea when it starts to go below half full. Keep the area tidy and clean: move used cups and other trash to the trash bins.

Help participants to find the appropriate recycling fraction for their waste.


Keep an eye on the waste bins in the recycling station, and empty them when they are full. Plastic bags should be underneath the full bags. Pick up bottles and aluminium cans and put them in the right fraction for recycling. Please note that aluminium cans should be put in a plastic bag at the café, and not in the metal fraction at the recycling station.

If you need waste bags taken away, call the conference manager to arrange it (070-378 74 05 or com-radio).


A large part of the work of the café desk is sales of various kinds. All sales should be recorded in the sales system, except non-café related sales (such as sales for FSFE).

We can accept payments in Euro. In this case, calculate the corresponding amount in SEK as Euro*10, and then give back ONLY SEK.

When a volunteers receives a free meal, check this by their name in the volunteer list.

Beer and other beverages

Cafe provides beer, cider and wine along with some soft drinks and juices. Restock the fridge as required. Make sure that you don't serve alcohol to anyone under 18, anyone who is too intoxicated, or to anyone not wearing a badge! Also make sure that the cans or bottles are opened before handed over to the participant!

Accepting payments for booths

Sometimes the non-profit organizations having booths at the conference may need to receive credit card payments. The general principle then is that the customer comes to the café to pay with our credit card machines, and then brings the receipt as proof of payment to the people staffing the booth if requested.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The booth staff writes down the total amount and items on a form which they have.
  2. The customer brings this to the café.
  3. Accept payment as usual, and register it in the cash register as a payment to the appropriate project (each project should have their own category).

Operating the cash register system

See the manual in pdf format: File:Bxpos manual.pdf

Operating the credit card machine

Whenever in doubt, call on the café manager, or the conference manager!

To accept a card payment:

  1. Enter the amount in SEK. For instance, 40 SEK = press 4, 0. Verify in the display that it says “40,00”. You can at any time cancel the transaction by pressing the X button.
  2. Press the green O button to accept.
  3. Insert the card.
  4. If the device asks for “ANGE MOMS”, just press the green O button to accept 0,00 kr in VAT.
  5. If the device asks for “ANGE KONTANT”, just press the green O button to accept 0,00 kr in cash withdrawal.
  6. When the device asks for “KOD+OK”:
    • If the total amount is OVER 200 SEK: Turn the device to the customer, and allow them to enter their PIN code.
    • If the total amount is LESS than 200 SEK: Press F4. (no need for customer to sign the receipt)
    • If the customer doesn't have a PIN code: Press F4
  7. Take the receipt from the machine and place it on the spear.
  8. Press the green O button.
  9. Take the second receipt and give to the buyer.

If you need to cancel the last transaction:

  1. Press F1
  2. Press F2
  3. Take the receipt and give to the customer.
  4. Take the receipt and put on the receipt “spear”.

If you need to refund a transfer that was made earlier, contact the conference manager (070-378 74 05).