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2013 Edition: Nearly done with the proposed update for 2013. All comments that we've found have been considered, and implemented when deemed appropriate. In the process, several paragraphs have been restructured and shortened. The most dramatic change, superficially at least, is probably the removal of "Metrics" to a separate page. Effort has been made to make the text more coherrent, more concrete and more readable, for instance by replacing ambiguous "buzz words" with simpler and more concrete statements. There is still a lot to do in that area, and in others:

  1. Language is still uneccessarily contrived in many places
  2. Structure is mostly coherrent, but could benefit from the scrutiny of another pair of eyes next year
  3. Social goals are weak, especially regarding approaches -- we propose to look at organisations with similar values for inspiration next year
  4. Culture as a subject is not given an equal weight in the goal list
  5. Participants, their importance and our use of the term, could be better phrased.
  6. etc.

-- Skymandr (talk) 22:00, 20 October 2013 (CEST)