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With this document would like to make transparent the tasks and work that in the previous years simply were done - albeit unrecorded - in the open FFKP office space mainly during working hours in 2011, as input for the 2012 process.

Given that we now (2012) have a new management for FSCONS 2012, it's due time to write this document. In the first versions we will focus on bringing to light the issues that should be addressed in meetings and also put down in words who is responsible for what (given last years' conferences as a template).




The organisers (managers) have always been responsible for making sure the conference is not loosing money. Ultimately this boils down to who pays for a possible loss. Previous years the risks have been shared among the managing team, and therefore this team has been responsible, as private persons, for the finances. This means that the persons in the management team have had to pay from their personal accounts if FSCONS made a loss that could not be covered by FFKP or by some other means. The general feeling has been that if you make a decision, or if you implement a decision within your area of responsibility, then you take the financial responsibility for that decision.

Economical responsibility for FSCONS 2012

The Economical responsibility for FSCONS 2012 is shared, as previous years, between the people in the managing group. Losses are paid by the individual members equally.

A proposal to the new managing group from the previous group is to equally share this economical risk.



The organisers (managers) have always been responsible for making sure the conference is staffed properly. None of the conferences have been staffed to 100% and all conferences have faced situations which could not be solved by staff other than the management group itself. This has meant that the work had to be done by the management group, along with the other tasks these persons have.

Managerial responsibility for FSCONS 2012

The managing group is in charge of making sure that all of the below is planned and staffed for.

  • if something breaks or is missing
  • if an aspect fails
  • if an aspect is not staffed
  • if a volunteer becomes sick
  • mistakes in the plan
  • if some things just don't get done

It is important to understand that this group is backing all other aspects/groups/guests/speakers/staff/volunteers up. There is no other team or persons that backs this group up, unless they have arranged for such a solution - however if this fails, all responsibilities goes back to this group




The organisers (managers) have always been responsible for making sure that the volunteers are motivated and that the working climate in the group is nice (at least acceptable).

Social responsibility for FSCONS 2012

The managing group is in charge of:

  • resolving conflicts between teams
  • resolving conflicts between volunteers
  • resolving conflicts between volunteers and guests/speakers

Work load from previous years

These figures are provided as is and are not to be treated as something to live up to or that they are to be expected. These are plain figures from previous years.

From March until two weeks before the conference

Manager 1: 4-6 hours/week

Manager 2: 8-10 hours/week

Manager 3: 8-10 hours/week

Sum: 20-26 hours/week

Program manager hours not included.--Ljo 16:27, 16 May 2012 (UTC)

From two weeks before the conference to the conference

Manager 1: 60 hours/week

Manager 2: 60 hours/week

Manager 3: 40 hours/week

Sum: 160 hours/week

Program manager hours not included. --Ljo 16:27, 16 May 2012 (UTC)


Day to day tasks

In the every day work of the management group the following frequent tasks have been identified:

  • follow MLs
  • check if schedule is followed - replan if not followed
  • check and follow up each aspect's schedule
  • read/send emails
  • manage new volunteers (introduce, find aspect, find work)
  • find tasks for vounteers - provide lists
  • Redirect questions from volunteers/guests/speakers/booth/... (in theroy they should find the correct persons via the Wiki pages. In practice they use the anaging team as a proxy).
  • Check sponsor payment

Important tasks

  • Accounting (store and manage receipts)
  • Make sure sufficient content is provided on the various communication means (ML, Wiki, blog...)
  • Wiki cleanup (clean up accounts and content from SPAMbots)
  • Prepare, invite to, document, follow up meetings
  • Make sure that the venue is cleaned up and left in a propor state
  • Make sure all doors are closed, alarmed turned on/off
  • Arrange and lead walk-through for volunteers
  • Check and get parking tickets for staff that wish it
  • Arrange and lead debriefing meetings after the conference
  • Make sure we can throw garbage and return bottles
  • Make sure we have a key for the fuses
  • Make sure we have a key for the trash room
  • Inform about changes
  • Staff volunteers during conference days

Working hours

FSCONS is open 08.00 - 01.00 (plus time for cleaning).

Hopefully the plans for social event outside of main venue on Sunday will make the Sunday cleaning happen earlier. --Ljo 16:25, 16 May 2012 (UTC)



See aspects in the planning pages for FSCONS 2012.

Missing in the discussions for FSCONS 2012?

  • Booth (no, if same venue we will have same placement according to decision.--Ljo 18:23, 16 May 2012 (CEST))
    • Provide information for projects who want a booth
    • find a place for the booths
    • storage room for the booth exhibitors
    • prepare one volunteer to assist the booth exhibitors in finding and setting up the booths
  • Date:
    • is there an other event in town (hotels booked)?
    • similar conference somewhere else
  • Venue
    • for conference
    • for Keynote speaker on Thursday
    • for conference
      • how many rooms are available (and needed)
    • for social events
    • who's responsible for letting the rooms
    • place for trash bin etc
    • is it possible to record video in the rooms
    • easy to get from room A to B
    • can we separate trash
    • information screen
  • Wardrobe
    • Clothes hangers
    • staff the wardrobe

  • Merchandise
    • graphical design
    • order
    • pick up and pay
    • store
    • store after conference
  • Posters
    • graphical design
    • order
    • pick up and pay
    • store
  • Lunch food
    • order
    • pick up and pay
    • store
  • Beverages (including alcoholic)
    • apply for and pay for permit to sell alcohol
    • order
    • pick up and pay
    • store
    • store after conference
    • return after conference
  • Mingle food, beverages, alcoholic beverages
    • social event
    • rest room for volunteers (lockable)
  • Technical infrastructure during the conference
    • wlan
    • inter aspect communication means (phones, walkie talkie...)
    • printer (last minute printing)
    • toner for printer

  • Furnituring
    • take a photo of rooms before conf
    • move furniture
    • restore (Sunday night) all furniture
  • Cash management
    • hand in money to bank
    • make sure the cashiers have exchange money
  • Credit card
    • arrange wirh credit card reader
    • cash so guests can withdraw money
  • Video encoding
  • FSCONS is a 4 day event
  • Rest room for volunteers
    • wardrobe and space to leave bags (for volunteers)
  • Social events
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    • How are people moving from social events to
  • Make sure we have the following for volunteers during the conference
    • pain kilers
    • band aid
    • "samarin" (soar throat, ill stomache)
    • tape
    • office material (papers, scissors, rubbers, pens, ...)
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Getting to FSCONS
    • Parking
      • Discounts on parking
    • Public transport help
    • Gothenburg map
  • Speaker services
    • Booking hotels/flights/travel
    • Taxi cheques

Misc items that ned to be addressed

  • Mugs, litter baskets, sacks ....
    • who orders
    • who picks them up
    • where to store it before the conf
  • Signs
    • Prepare signs for outdoor use
    • Put up the above
    • Prepare signs for indoor use
    • Put up the above
  • After conf work
    • throw away all garbage
  • Hire car and lorry
    • pick up car
    • return car
    • pick up lorry
    • return lorry
  • Book hotel/hostal rooms for volunteers and guests
    • book, sync booking with guests
    • pick up keys
    • pre pay rooms
  • Alarm
    • write a plan for (eventual) fire alarm