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If you're reading this page after being directed here on Twitter, it means that you are one of the 46 persons that have been suggested as keynote speakers for the 5th annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) in Göteborg, Sweden on the 11-13th of November 2011.

FSCONS exists to provide a meeting place where subjects covering the fields of society, culture and technology can be discussed without being confined to each particular area. The main focus of the conference is on the interaction between the three fields. For keynote speakers, we are looking for individuals who can show the breadth of the conference, talking about issues that merge two or more of the fields together. You can read more about the conference in our manifesto on .

Until now, we've asked people to come up with suggestions for people they would like to see as keynote speakers. Starting on the 21st of June, we will allow previous and future participants at the conference to vote between the suggested speakers. As you are one of the individuals for which people could vote, we wanted to give you an opportunity to ensure that you are presented in an accurate way, as well as ensure that were we to invite you, you would actually be able to attend.

If you are previously booked during these days, or have any other reasons for not wanting to be included in the list of proposed keynote speakers, or does not want to be considered for a keynote slot at the conference, you can inform us of this by contacting

When presenting the proposed keynote speakers, we will display only the name and a web link with more information about you. We have identified one suitable link for each proposed speaker, but if you have another link that you feel is more appropriate as a presentation of you, you can also inform us of this by contacting

The reason you were contacted via Twitter is that we didn't have your email address.

These are the links we have for you and the others who have been proposed as keynote speaker and whom we contacted via Twitter:

Name Link
Jeremie Miller
Jacob Appelbaum
Ian Clarke
Heidi Grande Røys
Vandana Shiva
Frederick Noronha
Clay Shirky

With best regards,

Jonas Öberg on behalf of the FSCONS team