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Track presentation

This track intends to cover the challenges that todays society face; ranging from access to knowledge and the restrictions faced through laws like IPRED, DMCA, FRA, HADOPI, ACTA and the Telecom Pack. Topics can discuss the various obstacles faced, or even better, the solution to those obstacles, or show good examples of how free software and culture can be used in a free society for everyones benefit.

Proposed speakers

Name Comment
Franz Nahrada Global Villages (also suggested as keynote)
Alex Rollin works on open source car and is doing a project with Smári on peer-to-peer gratitude based currencies (also suggested as keynote)
Marcin Jakubowski (also suggested as keynote)
Denis Jaromil Rojo By popular demand, Jaromil should return for this years conference
Smári McCarthy Another must-return
Edmund Harriss mathematician who does a lot of "street math"... like, street art projects based on heavy duty maths
Eirik Solheim Responsible for NRK's (Norwegian public television) increasing use of BitTorrent and attempts towards free licensing
Alexandra Mayer Involved in the platform of the pan-European schools project ELEONORE DIGITAL :: WORK TOGETHER -
Felix Stalder The European equivalent of Yochai Benkler, doing research on free software models as applied to economics and organisation of society
Elisabeth Stark Leader of Students for Free Culture
Florian Cramer
Maria Knutsen-Öy The editor of Läsarnas Fria Tidning, a CC licenced and crowdsourced newspaper
Pamela Jones Groklaw editor
Association for Progressive Communications
Jens Roland About Jens Roland: - See his latest article on filesharing technology vs the police state at
Matt Lee He is the leading developer of In general, I'd like to see a speaker talkin' about Free Network Services: maybe some guy from
Christoffer Kullenberg Ph.D-candidate in Theory of Science at the Faculty for Humanities, University of Gothenburg, Editor Resistance Studies Magazine, keen lecturer on surveillance etc. Blog: Resistance studies:
Nathan Yergler CTO of Creative Commons. I have spoken with him and he would be a good addition. He has proposed a talk: "A Database Called the Web: An Introduction to the CC Rights Expression Language"
Dr Prodromos Tsiavos London School of Economics. He would like to present on "Producing Value through Open Content Management strategies in the Cultural Sector: A presentation of seven UK case studies"

Other guests

Pirate party of Sweden was suggested as guests. I suggest in particular the guys from Xtreme creator, Anna Troberg and Andreas Rönnqvist. Their blogs are: Anna Troberg and Stormhierta (Andreas), respectively. (Xtreme Creator is their private venture and not a Pirate Party thingy)

Free Music and other Cultural events outside and around the conference

Rikard is contacting at least one artist that has given a free concert at a Gothenburg demo. Suggestions are welcome.