Fifteenth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting


  • Aspect walkthrough
  • Staffing planning
  • Next meeting

Minutes (draft until 2012-11-01)

  • Social event schedule
    • Evelina and Alieza tell they will finalise it today.
  • LJO sends studiefrämjandet questions to them.
    • Klondike are getting some .
  • Cafe aspect

Anton and My tell Mocka provides food.

    • 25-30 SEK per baguette.
  • Soft drinks 2 days to deliver from same supplier as last year.
    • 1-2 fridges free delivery.
    • Kitchen utensils provider, answer tomorrow.
    • Candy and chocolate bars and delicatobollar. Axfood and one other supplier.
    • Chips and nuts.
  • Promotion

Oliver tells about

    • doing blog post
    • utting up posters in Lindholmen (not Patricia building).
    • Näringslivsgruppen hopefully respond this week.
    • Southpole 3000 SEK.
    • LJO is stepping up as silver sponsor.
  • Venue aspect

Oliver asked Jonas Öberg to attend on the venue walkthrough.

  • Hardware

Klondike tells looking for volunteers

    • Microphones, rental, unclear yet witch supplier.
    • Alireza confirms torg 2 has 720p projector.
  • Survey
    • Anton will ask someone to take over as responsible person after Nahid.
  • Programme

LJO tells some new speakers. Starting to look good. But some tracks still need to provide their sessions.

    • Test print of booklet on Wednesday. We print 350. 8 A3 pages of schedule.
  • Budget

LJO tells 100 confimed payments. Projection still between 2010 and 2011 figures.

  • Volunteer walkthroughs
    • 17.30 Tuesday 6th
    • 15.30 Wednesday 7th
    • Alireza provided script for producing individual schedules. Got some feedback.
    • We already have like 30 volunteers. 7 hours per person excluding setup and cleaning.
    • Oliver asks Gr
  • Next meeting

Decision: Ordinary meeting November 5th 17.30 ITU by Patricia entrance. Potentially extra meeting on Friday 2nd after lunch. Each aspect puts the info in the wiki to see if it is needed.