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The budget aspect of FSCONS is lead by Leif-Jöran. Requests for the budget or comments on the budget should be left on the Talk page, or preferably raised via email. Based on the input received from the organisers (see below for deadlines), as well as input from previous years, this page will be updated continuously to reflect the budget decisions made.


  • 31st of May: Last day to request a budget for 2014 spendings for aspects if they want it to differ from previous year.


All numbers given are in SEK.

  • The overall budget expenditure was set to 135 000 SEK at the yearly meeting in spring of 2014. The incomes were decided to be at least 150 000 SEK for those expenditures. Eg to aim for a 15 000 SEK positive result to be used for comming conferences.
Income Prediction Actual Note
Ticket sales 100 000
Sales from café 58 000 Warning for possible loss.
Sponsorship 25 000
Cultural event support 15 000 via Studiefrämjandet
Expenditure Prediction Actual Note
Track budgets 32 000 Based on 8 tracks using 4 000 each. Some will stand for their own costs.
Travel invited 18 000 We have planned for two keynotes so this shall hold.
Travel unspecified 5 000
Café 55 000
Hardware 12 000 This is a hard maximum.
Administration 7 000 Card reader rental etc.
Advertising 7 000

Based on the type of café organisation sales from the café will probably be split into some divisions.