FSCONS 2013/Meeting 14/10

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  • Staffing is proceeding as planned, and has good contact with the caf?

and hardware teams.

  • We will film all talks, but probably not the Serengeti workshops as

there might be children participating.

  • We will commence poster printing now and let you know as soon as they

are ready.

  • We decided to get printed t-shirts this year.
  • We decided to change the official FSCONS-colors to the ones used in

this year's poster and banners.

  • The caf? team is currently collecting price offers from various caterers.
  • We are really past the deadline for getting the alcohol permit, but

the responsible team will try hard to get it anyway.

  • We now have two bronze sponsors.
  • We decided to add lightning talks to the schedule like last year.