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Press/blog reviews

Fredrik Wendt

Free as Libre: FSCONS elation

A perfect weekend, full of laughs and good vibrations. And, although I was exhausted after it, I came back even more convinced about Free Software , the importance of our (or everyone) labour and a lot of ideas about what I can do to continue being involved and to do my bit.

Don't Panic: Free Society Conference and Nordic summit 2012

I have never been to FSCONS before and I was quite surprised by its familiar atmosphere.

Jonas Öberg
#fscons jumps the shark ;)
Leif-Jöran introduces #fscons 2012

Jon Kristensen: Slides from FSCONS 2012

Thanks everyone for a wonderful conference, great presentations, and interesting discussions!



We included a few questions about demographic information in the registration form. We tried to make them non intrusive and motivated by the goal listed in our manifesto. Here are the questions:

  • First time at FSCONS? (choices: yes/no)
  • Country (choices from a list of countries)
  • Gender (choices: yes/no/other)
  • How did you learn about FSCONS (choices: internet,magazine,friend,other)

Although all questions were optional, we got a very nice response rate, at least 95% for each question.

Here is a summary of the answers.

First time at FSCONS?

FSCONS2012 Surveys First Time.png


FSCONS2012 Surveys Country.png


FSCONS2012 Surveys Gender.png

How did you learn about FSCONS

FSCONS2012 Surveys How Did You Learn.png

Conference survey

At the end of the conference, we distributed a paper survey. This contained 4 sections.

In the first section, we asked the participant to rate different aspects of the conference on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 was represented by a sad face, 3 by a neutral face and 5 by a happy face.

In the second part, we asked the participants to evaluate the balance between technology, society and culture.

In the two last part, the answers were free text. We first asked them one thing they liked and one they disliked and finally allowed them space for free comments.

We got 55 surveys back.

Conference ratings

FSCONS2012 Survey Ratings avg.png

FSCONS2012 Survey Ratings rep.png

Although there is small variations in the average ratings, it looks quite homogeneous between the different aspects that were evaluated. So there is definitively room for improvement but more for small improvement in all the aspects than a big improvement in one or two.