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summary and key facts


11-13 November 2011


  • Building Together — Manufacturing Solidarity
  • Development for Embedded Systems
  • Development in Free Software Communities
  • Free Desktop Environments
  • Free Software in Politics
  • Human Rights and Digital Freedoms
  • Social Events
  • The Future of Money
  • Universal Design — Aiming for Accessibility


  • Agnieszka Pokrywka
  • Andreas Nilsson
  • Andy Wingo
  • Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson
  • Carlos Garnacho
  • Christian Christensen
  • Christina Gratorp
  • Christina Haralanova
  • Claudia Rauch
  • Daniel Berntsson
  • Daniel Melin
  • Daniel Stenberg
  • David Cuartielles
  • Eleanor Saitta
  • Erik Josefsson
  • Ester Ytterbrink
  • Frederik Gladhorn
  • Geraldine Juárez (cancelled due to illness)
  • Guido Arnold
  • Gustav Nipe
  • Håkan Lidbo
  • Harald Armin Massa
  • Hedvig Kamp
  • Jeremiah C. Foster
  • Johan Söderberg
  • Johan Thelin
  • Jonas Bonn
  • Jose E. Marchesi
  • Jose E. Marchesi
  • Julius Baxter
  • Karin Kosina vka kyrah
  • Karsten Gerloff
  • Lars Aronsson
  • Laura Creighton
  • Magnus Frenning
  • Marco Martin
  • Marco Sachy
  • Maria Olsson
  • Mathias Klang
  • Mats Lundälv
  • Matthias Kirschner
  • Michael Cardell Widerkrantz
  • Niklas Park
  • Nikolay Georgiev
  • Olof Kindgren
  • Per Andersson
  • Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (cancelled due to illness)
  • Reza Javaheri
  • Richard Stallman
  • Rickard Olsson
  • Rikard Fröberg
  • Robert Scheck
  • Ryan Lortie
  • Sam Tuke
  • Sandra Derbring
  • Smári McCarthy
  • Werner Koch


Survey results and feedback

Number of visitors

In total there were 331 people at FSCONS 2011, out of which 47 were volunteers, 8 sign language interpreters and 51 speakers.

More than 20% of the speakers were women. There was also 6 exhibitors with booths (GGS-data, Aktiv demokrati, FFKP, Fedora, FSFE, Fripost)

  • Number of visitors:
    • from Sweden:
    • from the Nordic countries:
    • from Europe:
    • from Outside Europe


  • IT Faculty, Gothenburg University
  • FSFE
  • Google
  • Nokia Qt
  • GGS-Data
  • Älvstranden Utveckling AB
  • Friprogramvarusyndikatet
  • Gösta
  • Bentrix

Media partners

  • Linux Journal
  • Ubuntu User
  • Admin Magazine
  • Smart Developer


  • Teckenspråks- och dövblindtolklinjen, årskurs 4, på Nordiska Folkhögskolan / Sign language and deaf-blind interpreter course, year 4, at Nordiska Folkhögskolan
  • Studiefrämjandet


Videos can be found here: videos.fscons.org



Accessibility efforts

2011 was the first year when FSCONS took steps towards being more accessible. We will continue this work and do more each year in order to be more accessible for each iteration.


Two web pages were created, one for the main venue, and one for the workshop venue. There we presented information on the physical accessibility of the venue - but we didn't have much information on the workshop venue unfortunately. We took a lot of photos to give a better overview of the physical nature of the venue.

By popular demand, the café crew printed lists of ingredients for the sallads and sandwiches sold in the café and posted them at the counter.

The accessible toilets were marked on maps of the venue posted in elevators etc.

When registering for the conference, we offered the visitor to mark that she or he wanted to be contacted by us regarding any concerns about the accessibility of the conference.

Furniture and layout

We left the second row of chairs in the lecture rooms empty and extra wide, to leave a natural space for visitors with wheelchairs. The counters at the café and at the reception/wardrobe/information desk all had a lower section to allow for visitors in wheelchairs to feel welcome and get a clear view and a better reach.

In general, we thought about leaving free space and way in the rooms so that visitors in wheelchairs could move around the venue.

Sign language

For this year, we were proud to present a new cooperation between FSCONS and the fourth year class of The sign language and deaf-blind interpreter course programme at Nordiska Folkhögskolan in Kungälv.

The goal for this cooperation was to explore and find forms for interactions between interpretors and speakers, how to use technology such as cameras together with sign language interpreting, in order to increase the accessibility of the various presentations at a conference such as FSCONS.

As a result of this first step, we provided sign language interpreting of the keynote and the Accessibility track on the Sunday, November 13.

This was provided by the fourth year students of the programme, with support from their sign language teacher. The teacher and students was also present at a booth throughout the conference where you could get additional information about the school and the four year course on sign language and deaf-blind interpreting.

We hope to keep and develop the cooperation with the Nordiska Folkhögskolan and the sign language and deaf-blind interpreter course during future FSCONSes.

Press mentions FSCONS 2011


  • Frihetskämpar möts i Göteborg
  • Headline: Hallå där, Jonas Öberg som är med och arrangerar konferensen Fscons. Konferensen kretsar kring fri kultur, fria program och ett fritt samhälle.
  • Date: 2011-11-11 17:00
  • Magazine: ComputerSweden
  • Language: Swedish


  • Hallå Håkan Lidbo!
  • Headline: Musikproducent som tillsammans med programmeraren Magnus Frenning har premiär för spelet Invisiball på FSCONS-mässan i Göteborg på söndag.
  • Date: 2011-11-11
  • Magazine: GP (GöteborgsPosten)
  • Language: Swedish

Side-events and cooperations

  • Richard Stallman at Runan Nov 10 (Chalmers)
  • GothPyCon][ Saturday, October 29, 2011, 9:30 AM
  • PyPy Göteborg Post-Hallowe'en Sprint Nov 2nd - Nov 9th