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The use of Linux and free software generally in embedded systems is increasing exponentially. In some ways, it's more common than not to use free software when developing new devices. Moving through the seven layers of the OSI model, this theme explores modern embedded systems, from the physical layer to the applications.


The responsibility is defined generally for all themes in the FSCONS 2010 Themes page.

Call for participation

Call for participation 2010 - FSCONS Embedded

Call for participation 2010 (general)

FSCONS Embedded Team

The embedded team of FSCONS takes care of planning and arranging the embedded theme of FSCONS. This means, among other things, that all submissions fo participation with an embedded touch ends up at our table. Current members are:

Björn Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg

Henrik Sandklef (hesa) - Sandklef GNU Labs, FFKP, fsfe, Gothenburg University

Jeremiah Foster (jeremiah)

Mikael Söderberg

Johan Thelin

To become a member of the FSCONS Embedded team, send an application to emb@fscons.org. The application should include: your name, your email address, a record of your involvement on FOSS and a short tex on why you would like to engage in the FSCONS Embedded team.


Travel details
Name Contact person Title Abstract Biography Arrival Departure Accommodation Budget Scheduling Status

There's room in this for 3x30 and 5x45.