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Description and Responsibility

  • Answering requests about room and bookings from other organisation groups
  • Communicating with the IT University regarding bookings and rooms
  • Communicating with the conference staff group for volunteers needed for opening, closing and cleanup
  • Organise on-site ad-hoc cleaning as necessary during the conference days
  • Organise block booking of hostels and hotels which can be made available to the FSCONS 2010 Speaker Logistics group, as well as to the FSCONS 2010 Registration group for sale to visitors during registration.
  • Setup site for FSCONS 2010 Ride Sharing

Available rooms

During and before the conference, we have the following rooms reserved and booked. NB = Not Booked.

Room Space Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Basic 8 NB
Chicago 8 NB
Grace Hopper 40 NB CC Project Meeting
Mark 10 NB FSFE 16-19
Piazza1 4 NB
Piazza2 4 NB
Piazza3 4 NB
Piazza4 4 NB
Plaza 227 20 10-18: Midgard
Sherry Turkle Lounge 10 10-17: CC Network Meeting
Steve Jobs 40 NB NB Main Conf (R4)
Torg 2 150 NB FOSS in Business Main Conf (R1) Main Conf (R1)
Torg 3 90 NB NB Main Conf (R2) Main Conf (R2)
Torg 4-N 90 NB NB Main Conf (R3) Main Conf (R3)
Vin Cerf 40 NB CC Workshop Telecomix FM
von Neumann 40 NB NB

Hotels and hostels

Our way of working is that we do a block booking at hotels and hostels where we can get reasonable deals. About one month before the conference (or ideally later) we get back to the hotel and hostel regarding how many of the rooms or places in the block booking we will actually use, and then again a few days before we confirm the final number and names of everyone.

We will then pay rooms by invoice.


  • Ibis Hotel (the boat). CONFIRMED 40 single, 20 double. Prices: 80€ / single and + 30€ double. Including breakfast. SPECIAL CONDITION: Confirm and rebook LATEST 2010-10-01. Online.
  • Hotel Kusten: Doesn't have enough rooms.
  • Mornington Hotel: Offered petit chic rooms for 795 kr/single and 1295 kr/double. Including breakfast. Asked for prebook 20 petit-chic, 5 double for three nights. Declined.
  • Quality Hotel 11, Eriksberg: CONFIRMED 30 single, 10 double. Price: 100€ / single and + 80€ double. Including breakfast.


  • Kvibergs Vandrarhem: CONFIRMED Booked 32 beds, in eight 4 bed rooms. Every participant can get their own key. Linen can be bought for 60 kr extra. Breakfast included. Cost 22€/night. Reserved from 5th to 8th. SPECIAL CONDITION: Rebook and confirm LATEST 2010-10-21. Online.
  • SGS Veckobostäder. CONFIRMED 25 double and 3 four bed rooms. Linen and towels inclued. €75 per night, €35 extra for four bed room. Cancel LATEST 2010-09-05.
  • Asked Linne Hostel about four bed rooms. Prebooking request at 20 beds (five rooms). Linen, towel and cleaning included. Breakfast available for 65 kr/day.
  • Slottsskogens Vandrarhem: Asked to book 18 places. Booked 5-8/11 2010. Booking number 65297. One 3-bed and three 5-bed. 32 EUR/person incl breakfast.
  • Masthuggsterassen Vandrarhem: Doesn't want to work with block bookings.
  • Göteborgs Mini-Hotel: Full those dates
  • Göteborgs Vandrarhem: Asked about 20 beds. Not viable, requires everyone to check in as group, and group leader stay with the group.