FSCONS 2009/Staff workshop

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Time and place

See updated information in FSCONS 2009 Organisation.

27 april

  • The wiki was briefly introduced, with a notice to everyone to use the watch feature to keep track of what's going on, if they are interested.
  • Mailing list for staff will be decided upon and activated next week.
  • The overall FSCONS information on the Main Page was reviewed and agreed upon.
  • Location was decided for Burgårdens Konferenscentrum with IT University as backup.
  • Jonas will mail Henri, Timo, LennartW, fsfe-nordic, Ole Tange, Petter and Smari regarding co-organisation of FSCONS
  • How to engage more women in the conference was discussed. Jonas will talk to Nanda.
  • Jonas to inquire about sponsoring with Google and Kodamera. Henrik to do Lanedo and op5. Several companies added to the list.
  • Jonas to coordinate more regarding the logotype design, check with Cillicon Media.
  • Henrik to organise moderation for the mailing lists.

11 may

26 may

  • For our webbsite, we're still waiting for Marcus, then Patrik and Rikard will help with tech and content
  • Logotype is waiting for Maxi
  • Three keynote speakers from Mathias were added to the list. Agreement to also invite Sue Gardner.
  • Potential themes for the conference was discussed. Agreement on "The Road Ahead in the Nordic Countries".
  • Idea added to the list: panel debate or discussion between STIM, SVT, etc.
  • Decision about the entrence fees: 200/600/1000 SEK with a limit of 100 cheaper (200 SEK) tickets, and the 1000 SEK tickets targeting business.

Action items

  • Lennart to check with two potential people for graphics design.
  • Lennart to invite Sue Gardner as keynote speaker (financed by Wikimedias budget)
  • Stian to check back with Yochai Benkler if not heard from him for two weeks
  • Henrik to invite Manuel Castells
  • Rikard to coordinate together with Jonas, Henrik and Stian regarding free music events
  • Jonas to check payment options: Payson, Paynova