Föreningen/Yearly Meeting/2014

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Date:2014-03-01 14:00


  1. Meeting opening
  2. Other meeting formalities
    1. Election of meeting officials
      1. Chairman
      2. Secretary
      3. Approval, which also counts the votes
    2. Decision on agenda
    3. Is there quorum, and was the meeting properly announced?
    4. Adjustment and approval of electoral register
  3. Annual report
  4. Economical report
  5. Auditor's report
  6. Discharge of the board
  7. New elections
    1. Board election. The board should consist of at least three regular members.
    2. Election of auditor
  8. Decision on membership fee
  9. The Association FSCONS's plan for operation during the coming year
  10. Received motions
  11. Other Questions
  12. Meeting closure