Eleventh planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:GU Språkbanken — L307-room


  1. Aspect walkthrough
  2. Travel scholarships
  3. Agreement signatures on by-laws by those who attended the founding meeting.
  4. Next meeting

Minutes (draft until September 21st)

  1. Aspect walkthrough
    1. Promotion

Oliver P tells: Calling sponsors, got more positive reactions this year compared to last year. Call them back again within two weeks. Magazine ad, some worries about time frame. Question about posters, decide next meeting if go with old design or not.

    1. Café

My and Anton tell that since last meeting there has been most dicussions about the dinners. Ratio inhouse vs outside.

  • Breakfast: cheese, vegan, meet.
  • Lunch same as last year.
  • Dinner, set for sensible option. Profit is not the goal, but we don't want to loose money on the food.
    1. Social event.

Sunday hours for Kuggen, 18-01.

  • Decision: Separate aspect meeting with admin on September 24th 17.30 L307, to fix the social event details.
    1. Keynotes

Stian tells: Postive budget, since Randall only needs return train ticket CPH-Gothenburg. Colemans flight booked last week by the treasurer (LJO).

    1. Programme

Leif-Jöran tells: A few cancellations from speakers. Schedule is ongoing since last weekend with entries showing up as they are confirmed. Reached 20 registrations, mixed early bird, standard fare.

  1. Agreement on by-laws and minutes from constitutional meeting. Some minor details.
  1. Next meeting

Decision: October 1st at 17.30-18.30 in Edit:edit.