2013/Evaluation meeting

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Date:2013-12-02 18:00


Purpose of an evaluation meeting
It is important to remember that the purpose of this meeting is not to point fingers but rather to take the time to learn and reflect on suggestions to improve the conference and its organization.
Conference numbers
Conference numbers
Org schedule
Was the planning schedule respected? Should it be modified?
Org communication
Communication among the organization: too much? too little? Tools? Meetings?
Highlight of FSCONS 2013
Everyone is invited to identify what other people (or themselves) did well
Results of the surveys
Global feeling from the participants? Actionable items?
Problem and issues
What issues where encountered?
Could we have anticipated and planned for them in advance? If so, how?
Did we handle them effectively and efficiently when they arose?
What have we learned?
Improvement suggestions
More waffles!!!!