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Work Meeting
Date:2015-01-19 18:00

Report from evaluation task force

The task force presented the conclusions from their two meetings. What follows is brief summary, see separate page for a detailed report. Two broad areas where improvements can be made have been identified, under the headline "How to move forward":

Working environment

The work meetings have been found to be one item that can be improved. The task force suggests that the work meetings are exchanged for regular online meetings, with IRL/social meetings as necessary and "sprint-like" procedures for getting things done. They further suggest that someone is appointed to oversee deadlines and be responsible for stopping tasks that have been too delayed to be sustainably finished. The involvement of the organising participants/volunteers can perhaps be strengthened by meeting up earlier, a meeting with volunteers (mainly students) in May is suggested, as well as having an informal social meet-up soon after the conference.


The task force suggest having a "sprint" in April, where the state of the documentation is investigated, and the documentation is updated where needed. Focus on "ownership" of pages and on the qualifiers "required/desired/not required" and "exists/does not exits". The task force also suggests visualising the responsibility time line as a Gantt chart to help giving members an overview of the life-cycle of the conference.


The meeting thanks the task force for their work, and agree that this is a good way forward. The meeting decided that suggestions should be implemented. All members are suggested to help in implementing the changes.


  1. The date and time for the documentation sprint is set for 14.30 on Sunday the 19th April -- bring computers etc!
  2. Regular meetings on IRC will start

Dates for FSCONS 2015

Decided: 6-8 November

Next meeting