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RegDesk Host

  • Location: Registration desk, by the main entrance, FSCONS building
  • Hours: Friday 16-23, Saturday 09-23, Sunday 09-23

The registration desk staff has a wide range of tasks. They are the first staff that people encounter at the conference venue, and will be the first ones to be asked questions about the program, local transport, taxi bookings, and other things that people want to ask. Some knowledge of the local area is useful, as is speaking multiple languages.

As a RegDesk Host you're responsible for:

  • Coordinating the exact responsibilities with other RegDesk hosts
  • Helping visitors find their badge
  • Handing out program booklets
  • Ordering taxis
  • Answering questions about public transport options
  • Manning the wardrobe (accepting and returning clothes from/to participants)
  • Furnishing and setting up the registration area (Friday 16-18)

Please note: One of the persons at the registration desk will need to be available as a runner as well. You'll normally be staffing the registration desk, but one of the persons at the registration desk should be available to run errands if really needed during the conference.


When people arrive to the conference, they will most likely go first to the registration desk to pick up their badge and leave their coats and bags. Try to familiarise yourself with the conference program and the information about the conference, so that you can be helpful if people ask you questions. Be prepared to answer questions about schedules, social events, food, etc! Most important information is in the conference programme which there are copies of at the registration desk.

Here are the specific tasks of someone working at the registration desk:

  • When someone arrives, greet them (if possible), and help them find their badge.
  • If someone arrives who have not pre-registered they are not allowed entry. Bear in mind, though, that students may come and go throughout the day.
  • If someone has registered but is not in the list, resolve it with the conference manager (070-378 74 05 or com-radio).
  • If someone wants you to get them a taxi:
    1. Ask for the name of the participant.
    2. Call a taxi and ask the taxi to come to "Renströmsgatan 6". You can leave the name of the participant and the phone number of the registration desk if they ask for a contact.
  • If someone wants to leave their coat and/or bag in the wardrobe:
    1. Take the next number note from the stack of number notes. Each note is in two parts: one part for the wardrobe, and one receipt to the participant.
    2. Tear off the note for the wardrobe and place it on a hanger.
    3. Place the coat on the hanger, and hang it in in an ordered sequence so it's easy to find.
    4. If the participant wants to leave a bag as well:
      1. Get a second number note and place an X mark on both parts of it (X denotes a bag)
      2. Tear off the note for the wardrobe and place it on the bag with a rubber band
      3. Place the bag in an ordered sequence in the wardrobe area.
    5. Give the receipts to the participant.