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Stian Rødven Eide
Chief Programme Indoctrinator / Organisation Chairman
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About me

I'm a Masters student in Computational linguistics at Göteborg University. I like saving the world and have therefore been helping out with FSCONS since the very first conference in 2007.

My work

For the last years, I've mostly focused on the main programme for FSCONS. I also help with some other stuff as well.

Contact me


My ToDoList

Defined inTaskAssigned toDeadline
Eighth planning meeting 2012LJO + GD collects the votes. Stian asks the preferred keynotesStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Take courseStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Ask for someone to take responsibility for the social eventsStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Stian will contact Jens about new postersStian
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Some speakers have requested somewhere to sleep. Everyone is encouraged to ask around for this. Someone will send an email about this to the list.Stian