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Creating FSCONS: The Book

This page is for coordinating FSCONS: The Book, a publication with essays from the speakers at FSCONS 2008.

Name Topic Notes
Smári McCarthy The End of (artificial) Scarcity I think this was the general theme of most of the conference, and I'd love to pour in some ideas I've had on the subject, traversing the entire digitization of society from software to hardware and on...
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen From consumer to creator - The Lego generation in the digital age Lets see if I have bitten of more than I can chew here... I reserve all rights to make the title less ambitious if the essay does not live up to such a grand name :-)
Mike Linksvayer
Stefan Larsson
Bengt Gördén
Johan Söderberg
Victor Stone
Ansgar Bernardi
Denis Jaromil Rojo
Leif-Jöran Olsson
Henrik Moltke
Rasmus Fleischer
Jeremiah C. Foster
Ville Solarius