Tenth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


The agenda isn't fixed yet, please submit propositions in the Talk:Tenth planning meeting 2012 page

In conjunction with (after) today's planning meeting we will have a founding meeting for Föreningen FSCONS. We will therefore try to make the planning meeting a bit shorter so that the overall time will not extend to much after the official end time. Since we do not want this to be overly administrative we suggest that:

  1. the current aspect managers will be suggested as officials up for election.
  2. The membership fee is set to 50 SEK.
  3. Nominations for the board (we need 3 plus 1 (at least)): Leif-Jöran Olsson, Gustav Eek, Grégoire Détrez.
  4. Nomination for accountant (revisor):
  5. The by-laws are set as (authorative text in Swedish):