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This is a draft of a new policy for fscons. The idea is that speakers can, if they want, pledge to make there talk more accessible by following those guidelines. The talks will then be marked as accessible in the program. Most of this comes from this page : so before publishing anything, we should probably ask for authorization…

Visual aspects

Slides generally

Color blindness

Use an easy-to-read font face

Needs examples, preferably including free readable fonts for print and digital (what is a slide display? is it still "digital"?)

  • I think the main difference between print and screen, as far as types are concerned, is resolution: printed papers has a much better resolution than most screen (but e-papers and retina display might change that…) So a projector is definitively digital (they usually have crappy resolution) --Grégoire 08:28, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

Use sufficient color contrast

Examples needed. Here's one set of font guidelines.


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