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Keepers of Culture

Everyday Crypto

P2P Society

This track explores how new enabler technologies change basic things (like "money" and "food") in society, by creating and establishing new and decentralized platforms of services, information flows, organizations and production processes. These new enabler techs are more like new "social operating systems" rather than single technologies.

Patrice Riemens: The pitfalls of Bitcoin and the many potentials of blockchain technologies.

The limitations of Bitcoin are partly technical, and partly due to the political economy of Bitcoin within the wider context of the current crisis in financial capitalism. However, blockchain technologies are enabling a lot of new potential solutions to current economic, social, and political problems. These changes and solutions will be considered within a framework of politics, ideology, sociology, economics -- and even economic and financial history thrown in for good measure.

Patrice Riemens is the Fellow of the Waag Society in Amsterdam, a promoter of Open Knowledge and Free Software, has been involved as a "FLOSSopher" (a 'philosopher' of the Free/Libre and Open Source Software movements). He is also a member of the staff of Multitudes, and was a founding member of the Dutch Hacker Movement ("Hippies From Hell").

Groundbreaking User Experience