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Keynote suggestions for 2012 Tracks (suggested tracks:

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Viktor Sarge

Lars Ilselid

Elin Nord

Embedded free software

Arduino (again, on demand)

Programming/development/free software

Janis Johnson

Janis has been contributing to GCC since 2001; she's the GCC testsuite maintainer.

Alexia Death

Alexia Death is a core GIMP developer. A summary of Death's contributions to GIMP circa early 2011 can be found on LWN

Christine Caulfield

Christine Caulfield lives in Leeds, UK and works for Red Hat on Linux clustering, principally writing code for the the 'cman' cluster manager and corosync. Her spare time open source projects are:

  • Linux DECnet: Principal (sole!) maintainer including, officially at least, the kernel module.
  • Vienna 1: A cix offline reader for OS/X
  • iPlayerGUI: A small program for OS/X that helps with downloading BBC programmes and is a wrapper around get_iplayer

Cat Allman

Cat Allman is a long-time Unix user and currently works in Google's Open Source programs group. Some other conference appearances:

  • Getting Started in Open Source (with Leslie Hawthorn) at OSCON 2009
  • Open Source for Newbies: Attracting and Retaining Talented People for Your Project (with Leslie Hawthorn) at LCA2010

Kristen Carlson Accardi

Kristen Carlson Accardi is a Linux kernel developer who works for Intel Corporation. She has been a device driver developer since the 1990s and began concentrating on Linux in 2005. She maintains the PCI hot-plug subsystem in the Linux kernel. At least as of 2007, she was the only woman who was a subsystem maintainer for Linux. She lead the organisation of the 2008 Linux Plumber's Conference.