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Administrative group

Taking care of admin work, 
Will be situated in the reception as well as running
around "putting out fires"
4 persons needed
  • Stian
  • Henrik 'hesa' Sandklef
  • Mirko Lindner
  • Jonas Öberg

Registration desk

Taking care of registrations Fri, Sat until 12.00
X persons needed
What to do
  • Maxim Andersson
  • David Kjellin
  • Mattias Mattsson
  • Danwei Tran


Taking care of registrations Fri-Sun
X persons needed
What to do

Development room

Responsible for the Development rooms
X persons needed
What to do
  • r3tex
  • Hatim
  • Clemens

Free Software room

Responsible for the Free Software rooms
X persons needed
  • Farid Behnia
  • Micke Mildén
  • Ulle Forsberg
What to do

Free Culture room

Responsible for the Free Culture rooms
X persons needed
What to do
  • Pontus Andersson
  • Patrik Willard

Interactive Session room

Responsible for the Interctive Sessions rooms
X persons needed
What to do
  • Ein Andersson
  • Philipp Effenberger
  • Roman Steiner

Food group

Responsible for lunch/dinner/coffee
X persons needed
What to do

Staff schedule


Time Free Culture Devel Tools Interactive
13-17 FS Video

Saturday 24-10-2008

Time Free Culture Devel Tools Interactive
10-11 Jan Szczepanski Towards 10Gbps open-source routing - r3tex Lightning Talks 1 CC
11-12 Frank Schulenburg Qt for embedded Linux Free Software Sweden CC
12-13 Stefan Larsson Midgard KDE CC
13-14 Lunch
14-15 How far behind is free+open culture Ubuntu deployment - r3tex, Clemens Johan Söderberg Midgard WS
15-16 Attr across the Web Jabber Free software and the freedom of creation Skolelinux WS
16-17 Commons throughout History Nagios (Clemens) Global Independent Streaming Support Jabber WS

Ein Andersson

Sunday 25-10-2008

Time Free Culture Devel Tools Interactive
10-11 Rasmus Fleischer Agile (Sunday only) Free Software and the Danish Public Sector
11-12 Open Street Map Developing Gtk app (Clemens) Arduino Collab... Free sw models
12-13 Lars Aronsson Debian and the gory details of packages -r3tex Education on mobiles Panel Debate - Henrik Moltke, Rasmus Fleischer, Johan Söderberg
13-14 Lunch
14-15 Amarok2 PostgreSQL - r3tex Tango OpenStreetMap WS

Ein Andersson

15-16 Digital Fabrication and social change Coreboot (Clemens) Lightning Talks - Session 2 Arduino WS
16-17 Sqeezing the Evil out of the Music industry PrimeKey Wikipedia - a global experiment Arduino WS