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Administrative group

Taking care of admin work, 
Will be situated in the reception as well as running
around "putting out fires"
4 persons needed
  • Stian
  • Henrik 'hesa' Sandklef
  • Mirko Lindner
  • Jonas Öberg

Registration desk

Taking care of registrations Fri, Sat until 12.00
X persons needed
! Who will register: guests, speakers, sponsors
What to do
  • Maxim Andersson
  • David Kjellin
  • Mattias Mattsson
  • Danwei Tran


Taking care of registrations Fri-Sun
X persons needed
What to do

Development room

Responsible for the Development rooms
X persons needed
What to do
  • r3tex
  • Hatim
  • Clemens

Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tanhks for he answer.

Free Culture room

Responsible for the Free Culture rooms
X persons needed
What to do
  • Pontus Andersson
  • Patrik Willard
  • Federico Bruni
  • Gustav Eek

Interactive Session room

Responsible for the Interctive Sessions rooms
X persons needed
What to do
  • Ein Andersson
  • Philipp Effenberger
  • Roman Steiner


Every computer is given a number (not that creative I know!)
Every computer is to be used in one room only.

Computer Room Table

Good point. I hadn't thoghut about it quite that way. :)

Staff schedule

see here