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= About =
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The shaping team is responsible for setting up policies and visions for future FSCONS. Currently the team consists of Henrik Sandklef (FFKP).
It is important that the members of the Shaping team to bear in mind that the resources FSCONS have while executing a conference is limited and the all work so far has been done by volunteers. This means that we may not be able to implement all the ideas coming out of this group. It is, however, our aim to do so.
The issues discussed in the shaping team is listed and explained below.
= Issues we're addressing =
== Policies ==
=== Gender neutrality ===
Over the years FSCONS have been arranged and "performed we've noticed that we, as other similar events, have much more men than women. The FSCONS team would like FSCONS to be more of a mix between the genders, so we felt we need to address the issue.
Questions we are asking ourselves are, among others:
* Are the web pages in any way written in a language, using the wrong colours?
* Is the conference content in some way non women friendly?
* Are we communicating on channels know for being chauvinistic and thereby putting a barrier for women to enter the FSCONS organisation and planning?
=== Accessibility ===
* Can a blind person enjoy FSCONS?
* Is it possible for a human using a wheelchair to easily access the FSCONS' venue?
== Visions for future FSCONS ==
What should be the future goals of FSCONS?
= How do we work =
This is something that needs to be decided by the shaping team. The current FSCONS organisation team can not impose a way of working since it may be hindering the people we want to join to actually join.
= Expected outcome =
We expect recommendations for policies to come out of this group. The recommendations will be reviewed and commented by the FSCONS Core team with regards to the possibilities of implementing the recommended policies. The FSCONS Core team will work hard to find staff to implement the recommended policies and turn them into policies and if needed, update the [[FSCONS Manifest]].
= Join the shaping team =
Do you want to join the FSCONS Shaping team and be part in a group shaping the future of FSCONS?
Send an email to info __AT__ fscons.org
== Communication ==
The communication is done using a mailing list.
The mailing list is not public.
The communication mean may change in the future to fit the shaping team members.
== Possible co-operations ==
* [http://womoz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=contact_us WoMoz - Women of Mozilla]
* [http://adainitiative.org/about-us/ TIA The Ada Initiative] (Valerie Aurora of TIA has read and commented on our Anti-harassment policy, which we are grateful for!)
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Touchdown! That's a really cool way of pttunig it!