Seventh planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


  • Aspects
    • What is the role of the coordinators?
    • Aspects that lack coordinators
      • Social
      • Security aspect
      • Reception
      • Registration
      • Staffing
      • Venue
    • Notification: New responsibilities added:
      • Booth (venue)
      • Baby room (venue)
      • Money management (Management)
      • Signs (indoor, outdoor) (venue)
  • Promotion
    • Status report from the coordinators
    • Graphical theme
  • other questions
  • Next meeting?

Summary (DRAFT)

  • GD explains what the is aspect coordinator role? The coordinator not supposed to do everything. Important is to make sure the communication is working.
  • DECISION: Evelina and Alireza will be coordinators for the social aspect.
  • DECISION: Security aspect needs a coordinator, ask Rikard or someone on the
  • DECISION: Registration merged with web aspect
  • DECISION: Reception last years
  • DECISION: Staffing is the responsibility of GD + LJO
  • DECISION: Venue aspect, take care of putting up signs. Skymandr want to be involved, but not coordinator.
  • DECISION: Baby room self serviced by the parents, but needs to be in program and have info.
  • Promtion
    • Marketing buget is suggested to be roughlty the same as last year.
    • DECISION: 2000 SEK printing poster a3. 1000 SEK posters in chalmers area, 3000 SEK stickers 1000 SEK flyers. Not including booklet and.
    • Graphical theme
    • DECISION: Ask Andreas. LJO put the print material list in the aspect and they edit it if something is missing.
  • Other aspect budgets
    • DECISION:Cafe aspect need extensionsome more days with their budget.
    • DECISION: Social aspect need some more days with their budget.
  • Next meeting
    • DECISION: Mon June 11th 17:30 Edit:edit.
    • DECISION: Decide beforehand show emergency gathering point on walkthrough.

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