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Things to do for the security aspect:

  • Find someone who wants to coordinate this aspect
  • Photograph the emergency exit plans
  • Find out if the fire alarm also has a visual alarm for the hearing impaired (including in toilets)
  • Make not of where the emergency exits are
  • Draft an "In case of emergency plan" with what to do if there is some kind of emergency, who to call, numbers etc
  • Find out what to do with e.g. people with wheelchairs. The lifts go down to floor 0 automatically, so people in wheelchairs must be escorted to a different fire cell (a place with firewalls/firedoors, separate from where the fire is) and left with either escort/company or some means of communicating with the fire department (which is the best practise? Who knows about fire cells?)
  • Inform all volunteers of safety plan and fire exits at walk-through
  • Pre-load all volunteer mobile phones (FSCONS's phones) with relevant numbers for SOS etc