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| mk, Eszter, Alessandro
| mk, Eszter, Alessandro
| sky, [[User::Stella]]
| sky, [[User:Stella]]

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Time Activity Prepare FSF + FSFE booth FSCONS reg+info booth Camera
16.00 - 16.30 Put up posters, prepare booth/tables Henrik, Rikard, Oliver mk sky,
16.30 - 17.00 Doors open sky,
17.00 - 19.00 Richard Talk sky,
19.00 - 19.10 Q&A mk, Eszter, Alessandro sky,
19.10 - 20.00 post talk discussions in hall mk, Eszter, Alessandro sky, User:Stella
20.00 - 20.30 closing down mk, Eszter, Alessandro sky,


Check list: Video cameras, audio recording equipment, posters, FSF books and stuff, FSFE merchandise, laptop,


Using the FSCONS video cameras we will record the event. No live streaming.

Requirements: Power supply, "extension cable", tripod



Jonas introduces and welcomes Richard Stallman. During this introduction Jonas also mentions FSCONS.

FSF Booth

rms-assist have sent FSF stuff (books, stickers, flyers...) to FFKP. We will sell this

Staff: 1-2 persons (shared with FSFE booth)

FSFE Booth

Henrik is in charge Merchandise: FSFE T-shirts, Hoodies, Fellowship including cards, ...

Staff: 1-2 persons (shared with FSF booth)


FSCONS registration and information

The idea is to make it possible to register while at the Richard talk at Runan

Requirements: Laptop, wlan account, table, power supply, "extension cable"

Staff: 1-2 persons

FSCONS advertisement

Idea: let's advertise FSCONS 200%

Requirements: posters, flyers, table,

Staff: 1-2 persons preparing in advance