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| The Unrestricted Web
| The Unrestricted Web
| Stian will contact TL
| Torbjörn and Stian
| Wikimedia
| Wikimedia

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FSCONS 2014 Programme


Title Description Organiser(s)
Code, Data and Infrastructure (Better title TBA) TBA Jens and Stian
Beyond post-scarcity (working title) Building on Dougald Hine's talk from FSCONS 2013 https://frab.fscons.org/en/fscons13/public/events/25 Dougald Hine
Context hacking (working title) Perhaps context hacking monochrome and friends
Open Space (Better title TBA) Free Software Space Race avtobiff, Skyman
Peer Production (Better title TBA) TBA Journal of Peer Production
Makers TBA Thomas
The Unrestricted Web TBA Torbjörn and Stian
Wikimedia TBA LJO contacts Wikimedia