Policies aspect 2013

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List of responsibilities for the Policies Aspect 2013 (from the Aspects-list):

  • Update the Manifesto based on comments and suggestions from the participants of yesteryear
  • Likewise update Anit-harassment policy (May not be necessary 2013)
  • Coordinate with Accessibility aspect (there was a decision not to have a committee for accessibility, but the different sections from that page is linked to, from various relevant "aspect pages")
  • Ensure that volunteers are aware of the policies, and that information is readily accessible for participants

Current Policies Spectres are LJO and skymandr.


  • Write a status report
  • Collect what comments there may be from 2012 (e.g. from Survey and from Open Manifesto)
  • Create a new WIP copy of manifesto, so that updates can occur in a separate namespace
  • Write a proposal for updated manifesto