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| No picture
| No picture
| Gustav Eek <br> Volunteer
| Gustav '''Eek''' <br> Volunteer
| mail: gustaveek (at) student.gu.se <br> fon: +46-709-588593 <br> home:
| mail: gustaveek (at) student.gu.se <br> fon: +46-709-588593 <br> home:
| lang: SE, EN <br> orig: Göteborg
| lang: SE, EN <br> lives: Göteborg

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Please add yourself and join us!

Some helpers come from "outside" - so if you can accommodate someone then please let us know. Much appreciated! :-)

Picture Name+Nick+Role Email+Fon+HomePage LANGuages; HomeTown, Comments, Accomodation
No picture David Kjellin
dkjellin at gmail.com English, Swedish, Norwegian, little bit of German; Göteborg
80px Danwei Tran
danwei [] student.chalmers.se
0046 706 997 713
English, Swedish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish;
Residence: Göteborg
80px Robert Luciani (r3tex)
rluciani [] gmail.com
0046 708 308 170
English, Swedish, Italian, Spanish
Residence: Göteborg
No picture Ein Andersson (einand)
einand at server 3gdev.com
fon: +46-708-43.23.37
Swedish, English;
80px Maxim Andersson (maxim)
mail: maxim.andersson(at)gmail(dot)com
fon: +46-736-85.79.55
lang: SE,EN,Fr
lives in Gothenburg
No picture Per Andersson (avtobiff)
avtobiff at gmail dot com SE,EN
80px Pontus Andersson (pesa)
Unknown volunteer
mail: pesa(at)fsfe(dot)org
fon: +46-739-89.87.29
Clemens Buss (harlan)
mail: cebuzz auf gmail point com
lang: DE,EN,(se),(fr)
lives in gbg
80px Stian Rødven Eide (julipan)
Core Team
mail: stian@julipan.org
fon: +46-732-23.01.67
home: julipan.org
blog: Fellowship blog
lang: SV,NO,EN,DE (+some FR,IT and Cat)
80px Philipp Effenberger (ghost)
mail: philipp_effenberger {ad} web {tod} de
fon (AT): +43-650-612.32.42
fon (SW): +46-76-56.22.550
home: forbiddenarea.net
lang: DE,EN,PL and AT ;)
orig: Vienna local resident
80px Sven Guckes (SvenG)
Wiki Helper
mail: fscons2008(at)guckes(dot)net
fon: +49-179-39.66.141
home: guckes.net
blog: none
lang: DE,EN
orig: from Berlin.de
wants to learn Swedish some day
still needs accomodation
80px Mirko Lindner (mirko-cc-swe)
Core Team
mail: mirko(at)creativecommons(dot)se
fon: +46-735-51.96.02
lang: DE_de,EN,(se)
lives in Gothenburg
Micke Mildén (dnkonzept)
mail: mikael.milden (at) gmail (dot) com
fon: +46-730-29.34.14
lang: Sv,En
from Stockholm
80px Jonas Öberg (oberg)
mail: oberg (at) fsfeurope(dot)org
lang: EN,(se)
lives in Gothenburg
80px Marcus Rejås (rejas)
Board + System Administrator
mail: marcus(at)rejas.se
fon: +46-702-66.79.85
home: rejas.se
blog: blog.rejas.se (in Swedish)
80px Henrik Sandklef (hesa)
Core Team
mail: henrik __AT__ sandklef.com
fon: +46-708-65.84.06
home: sandklef.com
blog: sandklef.com/hesa
lang: SE,EN
tries to suck less
80px Fredrik Wendt (ceda)
mail: fredrik(at)wendt(dot)se
fon: +46-702-77.85.11
home: wendt.se
blog: wendt.se (in Swedish)
lang: SE,EN,NO,dk
orig: Gothenburg local resident
Shahzada Hatim (geoaxis)
mail: hatim (at) student (dot) chalmers (dot) se
fon: +46-76-5825564
home: hatimonline.com
lang: EN
Patrik Willard (wildcard)
Unwitting volunteer
mail: wildcard(at)fsfe(dot)org lang: EN,(se)
lives in Gothenburg

No picture Daniel Persson (kalaspuffar)
mail: mailto.woden (at) gmail
fon: +46-708-155672
home: http://11a.nu
lang: SE, EN
orig: Gothenburg local resident
David Göthberg
Reserve speaker?
tel: +46-31-459856
home: www.pjort.com
project: www.randpeer.com
Swedish, English and German
Lives: Gothenburg
Offers accommodation: Have a good sofa, a well stocked fridge and 15 minutes bus ride to city centre.
No picture Gustav Eek
mail: gustaveek (at) student.gu.se
fon: +46-709-588593
lang: SE, EN
lives: Göteborg


Picture Name+Nick Email+HomePage LANGuages; HomeTown, Comments
No picture Andreas Tolf Tolfsen (ato) mail: ato(at)sny(dot)no


lang: NB,nn,en

location: Oslo

No picture yet Olle Bergkvist mail: olle(one)bergkvist(two)yahoo(one)se

where you replace (one) and (two) with you-know-what

lang: SE, en

location: Göteborg

No picture Fredrik Portström http://bollhav.com lang: sv, en

location: Göteborg